South Asia: Training Church Leaders of Unreached Peoples

This week my wife and I are taking our fourth trip to this South Asian country to teach one of the courses from Foundations for Teaching the Bible.  Our students are humble people who are leaders in their house churches. They are oral learners and we teach them stories from the Bible that they can then share with others.  This time we are teaching the Beginnings Course with stories of Creation, Fall of Man, Noah and the Flood, Abraham's Sacrifice and Joseph in Egypt.  For many of them, this is the first time they have heard most of these stories.  What a privilege to share this with them and what powerful biblical truths these stories teach about God and His love for mankind.

Below are a few photos:

 Our ministry partner was able to rent a classroom for the training at a compound in the city.  How sweet it is to fellowship with these dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Breaking into small groups is where a key element of the training takes place as they teach one another. 

 This is a picture from our hotel window.  While the hotel was very modest by western standards and did not have hot water, we were told by one of the men we met at the compound that our hotel was "the best in the city".



This last picture is taken from the taxi cab as we head back to our hotel after having completed the training for the day.  

Clearly our time in this South Asian country is always a bit of an adventure.  But we know that our in-country hosts always do the best they can to make our stay as comfortable, and as profitable, as possible.  Each time we come, my wife and I can not help but express our thanks to God for the privilege He gives us of coming to share His Word with these people who are so eager to learn and obey.