South Asia: God is on the Move

We have finished our teaching for this trip to South Asia and we leave with full hearts.  How dear are these brothers and sisters in Christ! 

The class size has grown as three new house churches have been planted since we were last in this city.  

With a few babies, young children, and some brand new believers in addition to the house church leaders, the class was a bit larger than we would have preferred. But what a great job they did learning the stories! In the words of our church planting partner and network leader "Storytelling for oral learners. Tell, retell, all tell...practice, practice, practice! Each believer comes to the training saying "I can't do it!" but as they are made to practice and stand up for the first time in their lives and start retelling stories with the help of simple drawings they gain confidence and say "I can do it!"  In the end they feel competent and they go back to their homes and house churches with a commitment "I will do it!""  

The church planter in this city and his wife have adopted two daughters.  Both were abandoned shortly after birth because they are girls.  The name they gave the oldest girl means "Thankful" and she will be 2 years old next month.  The baby is only 17 days old. She was abandoned in the hospital after her mother gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.  The mother left with the boy and never returned.  They have given the baby a name that means "Creation".  How appropriate as Creation, the story of God creating everything, was one of the stories we taught this week.  

Pray with us that God will multiply His word through these believers that we trained this week.  That His word would go forth with power and accomplish His purposes.  May many new brothers and sisters be added to His kingdom as His people are faithful to share His love and His word.