Tanzania: Community Transformation with e3 Partners


Our team recently returned from Tanzania and were blessed, protected, loved, had our eyes opened to new ways to serve Christ. We were also blown away by seeing the fruit of the labor of the e3 Partners team service over the past 4 years and had many, many opportunities to share the Gospel.

Tanzania is the country just south of Kenya.  We primarily served the people of the Masai tribe.  



We stayed in a very small township. Breakfast was breads and fruits. Lunch was taken in the villages with the ladies cooking for us. We had a wonderful lady, Beatrice, who came into the accommodations each night and served us a home cooked meal of rice, noodles, potatoes, beans, chicken or beef, greens and cabbage with pineapple, bananas, avocados or other fruit for dessert.

We served in 2 villages.  Our transportation was a 3-person bajage (3 wheeled vehicle with a driver), vans or a bus. The meeting places were churches. I just can’t tell you how fun it is to serve in a church where you can watch herds of goats or cows go by the windows! The music was fabulous and I’m very sure they got a kick out of our dancing but theirs was “amazing praising!”


We served with e3 Partners doing Community Transformation (CT).  We actually were helping with the collection of information, teaching of the 4 Steps to Empowerment and sharing the Gospel.  I must say that on this trip our whole team participated in more actual Gospel presentations and witnessed amazing transformations in spoken word and action. This is one of many examples: a pastor in my small group was anxiously watching for someone to show up.  Once he did, the pastor jumped up and took him to another group and returned to us.  Quietly he shared that this particular man was over 1,000 Masai and was very close to putting his faith in Christ.  Once his commitment to Christ has been made, he will be sharing Christ to his group of Masai.  There is more to the story but, trust me, the Holy Spirit is preparing his heart and there will be much transformation! There are cultural things in the Masai tribe that actually go against Christianity, so once one becomes Christian, the Holy Spirit will reveal these things and all I can say is, “Praise God!”


We found the Tanzanians very friendly and lovingly warm. They are learning, through CT, NOT to look for handouts but to look around them and see what resources they already have and to work together with their community, because we are better together! One CT group is making beautiful batik, another beaded jewelry, another raising chickens and rabbits. One learned that their village was getting sick due to the trash all around so they started a garbage pickup—as in they literally pick it up and take it to burn outside of the city.  One learned that disease was spreading because they did not use toilets so to date they have dug 12, 16-foot latrines for free in surrounding villages! Another has learned to make concrete tops for the latrines that can be moved to another latrine when the first one is full. Community Transformation is really working!

For our cultural day we visited the Ngorongoro Crater.  It was an amazing example of God’s handiwork!

I’m sure I’m leaving out something I wanted to pass on but if your interest has been peaked, look up e3 Partners online and read more.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  We could feel them and know that God was hearing them.