Sevierville, TN: Chinese Youth Mission Trip

Day two: the real work begins! 

Three teams working at the following projects: staining a deck (team to be known as "the stainers"); spreading mulch and wood chips around playgrounds, ropes course, and other areas (team to be known as the "wood chippers"); and cleaning debris out of and cleaning up the creek (team known as the "river rats").  Not only do we tackle these projects around Wears Valley Ranch, we take turns at kitchen duty to prepare our meals. We are balancing our chores and eating very well. We are really working as 3 teams with one spirit. It is an amazing combination of friendship, hard work, and dedication to our projects.


The best was yet to come, after our work, we had a hamburger / hot dog grill out picnic party with students and families from Wears Valley Ranch. We enjoyed eating, talking, and fellowshipping with Wears Valley Ranch students, staff, and mentors during and after the picnic. The house parents and girls invited our girls to watch the movie: "National Treasure" over at their cabins. This was a special treat as it does not happen often that working teams "hang out" with their students at their invitation. While the girls were talking and sharing their hearts, our guys were building relationships with their guys by playing basketball. Later the guys from WVR invited our guys over for a movie, "Around the World in 80 Days".  Our students discovered many ways to pray for their new friends. We are physically exhausted, but spiritually renewed.