Romania: Overwhelmed and amazed

We had a very busy but very blessed day, on this Tuesday. I began this morning by accompanying a group to the mayor's office of Alba Iulia. One of the great things about this trip has just been the warm reception we've received everywhere we've gone. It's also been great to have a rich history with the local leadership of this town. They've been very supportive of our teams coming and have contributed to make our concerts happen, especially the one that happened at the fortress. As a result, today some from our team met with the vice mayor just as a way to show our gratitude and get to know him and his leadership better. He was a more than gracious host, and was very excited to come to our concert tonight. 

All around Alba and even outside Alba we had groups doing all kinds of mission work, varying from VBS, to construction projects, to hospital and home visits. I got to drop by our construction team before heading to the fortress to prepare for the concert. It's always so cool no matter what your giftedness is, you can be used by God to serve in some capacity. We are definitely blessed on this trip to have such a musically gifted team, but also people using their secondary set of skills with huge servant hearts. 

This evening, we were able to have our rescheduled concert from Saturday, up at the fortress. All eyes were watching the weather radar today to make sure we weren't going to have any issues. We had a couple of showers pop up around us in the mid afternoon, and even got a light sprinkle for a minute or two, but that was it. By the time 8 o'clock rolled around and it was time for the concert to begin, all the rain clouds had rolled away and we were left with a gorgeous sunset. Our choir and orchestra performed and worshipped their hearts out, and the joy on their faces once again radiated to the audience. We had a fantastic turnout tonight, with hundreds of people in chairs, many standing around, and people coming and going. It's hard to gauge a number, but it was a lot. We were thankful that we had such a platform to tell people about Christ. During the response time, Bryant asked folks who made a first time decision to go public about it and raise there hands... I must have seen close to 40 or 50 people say they had put their faith in Christ. I was overwhelmed and amazed, as I know everyone else was, and just had to pause and thank God for what He was doing in those people's hearts. After the concert, I could tell people were having wonderful conversations all over the place, many were praying in circles, just having a great time of fellowship. We don't know why God chose to have us do this concert tonight instead of our originally scheduled date of last Saturday, but we do know that He is faithful and can be trusted, so therefore there was a great reason why we had the concert at the fortress tonight. Time will tell, and I'm excited to hear about conversations our team members were able to have with our concert attendees. 

It's hard to believe tomorrow is our last day of scheduled ministry, and also our last concert. Once again, during the morning and afternoon our folks will be out and about serving in all sorts of capacities, then we have a dinner/concert with the lovely folks of Harmony Baptist Church, our ministry partner Marcel's home church. Please pray that our team will have fruitful ministry again tomorrow, and stamina to make it through another very busy, but what I know will be, blessed day.