Spain: The Grateful Eight

We finally made it to our hotel in San Sebastian, Spain! Our smallish group, smaller than in years past had a relatively smooth trip but we are nonetheless grateful to finally arrive at our hotel. This year we are meeting up with a group from Shelter Cove Community Church in California to minister with Manny Fernandez Jr. a longtime Johnson Ferry Missionary partner of World Link Ministries, to share Jesus through Western line dancing festivals.

After meeting the group at the airport in Madrid, we board a bus to drive 5 hours to San Sebastian. Although we were admonished to not fall asleep on the bus so we could get our body clocks on local time as soon as possible, I noticed several nodding heads and I didn't hear much talking. We'll try again after we stop for lunch. 

At lunch we are able to get to know the Shelter Cove people a little and already we can feel a unity with our California brothers and sisters in Christ. This is their first trip to minister with Manny and they are excited to see what it's like.

In our evening wrap up meeting, we pray together for the upcoming festivals, especially for good weather. The forecast is calling for rain most of the week, but we are praying in faith for the festivals to bring glory to God this week in San Sebastian. 


Evening wrap up to plan our first day of ministry tomorrow! 

Evening wrap up to plan our first day of ministry tomorrow! 


Lunch break on our bus ride to San Sebastián