Rwanda: Day 2

After breakfast and devotion, we headed to the venue for the second day of the conference. As we approached the school, the kids saw our van approaching and started yelling and jumping for joy.

While Mark showed the Jesus film to the older kids (likely 4th and 5th graders), Kathleen and the girls did the salvation bracelets with the preschool kids. They loved using each different color beads and needing our help. They also enjoyed having their pictures taken. Once the bracelets were finished, we took them outside to play games.

Mark watched the entire Jesus film with the older kids (about 60 minutes) who had the bracelets from the day before. The kids were very attentive and looked interested throughout. After the resurrection scene when Jesus appears, Mark paused the movie and gave an invitation. He had a big show of hands in response with nearly 80 decisions to follow Christ. Praise the Lord!

At the pastor’s conference in the morning, Ron taught for 3 hours about Biblical counseling, specifically using the skill of active listening. It was an overview of how to help people who are hurting, using Scripture. He also talked about having a vision for counseling: pastors as shepherds. They need to not just teach in public, but one on one through counseling. He also had a Q&A section and gave advice specifically for the African culture.

Next, the women went outside to hear from Judy and the men stayed inside to hear from Matt. Judy talked about 4 main women figures in the Bible: Eve, Sarah, Ruth, and Mary and the lessons we can learn from them, providing encouragement to the women. She ended by passing out gifts of scarves to all the ladies. Matt talked about personal sanctification with 3 steps: Prayer, Obedience in the word, and waiting on the Lord. Then we all said our goodbyes and took pictures, while the team headed to the Genocide Memorial with James and the Burundian pastors. The memorial was very difficult for some to walk through, but also a good reminder of God’s forgiveness.

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