Southern Europe: Arrived!

Psalm 33:12
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance.”

Our team has successfully landed after a long, and pleasant trip. We slept well and are excited to get oriented to our new surroundings.  Today is training and orientation.  Many things are new, but we were surprised, that travel had quickly consumed two days and it is already the 4th of July, our nation's Independence Day Holiday.  This is a day of remembrance, and we do plan to celebrate later today with the other Americans here.

It is fitting, as independence day is about freedom.  We have come to another country in the hopes of sharing Christ with those who are not free.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Heart preparation for our team to serve...that we will love God well, be united in service, and have hearts of compassion for others.
  • Alertness to training and our new surroundings.  We're in a city environment.  We need to learn our way around, find a grocery store, and be aware of all the opportunities and risks a city holds.
  • For unity among those serving... we want to be a unified team but also want to connect with the other team we're serving with.  There not only is another great  group of folks from Arkansas, but also those serving as interns.  
  • That we will be bold, humble, and thankful, making the most of our time and every opportunity and that our efforts here will bear much fruit.
  • That the Holy Spirit will be active that we will see His mighty influence in our hearts and among those we speak to.

Thank you for your prayers!