Spain: Dancing in the Rain

We battled the rain for most all of our festivals and last night’s festival was no exception.  We had gone before the Lord the day before to pray especially for fair weather so we could have our festival. This is why we came.


We began to set up our tents and again the wind started to blow and the rain began to fall, really fall.  I’ll admit we were a little discouraged. And then the music began and a few dancers decided to dance in the rain, and then a few more. A couple of the seminary students who have been working with us even went out to dance since there wasn't anything for them to do. People began to gather and watch from covered doorways and they asked who we were and why were we dancing in the rain. The dancing in the rain made them even more curious about us and more open to hearing the gospel. 100 people heard the gospel and 40 people made decisions to follow Christ that night. Most of the decisions were made during that time! The rain did finally clear up and we were able to set up the festival for our last night in San Sebastian. Praise be to God who is sovereign over all things!



There are still many who need to hear the gospel here and at home but we must never give up and get discouraged. Pastor Unai told us that when we come, it's like reinforcements have come in to help with the battle for souls. Let us remember to pray for him and his church as they are on the front lines everyday in San Sebastian, Spain. 


As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:9