Clarkston: Clarkston Rocks Camp, Day 3

Johnson Ferry partnered with Proskuneo School of the Arts for this week's Clarkston Rocks Camp.  It's the perfect partnership, as each group seeks to share the Good News through music, song and the arts!

Proskuneo School of the Arts offers quality training in the Arts in a Christian environment.  Because Clarkston has one of the most diverse zip codes in the USA, with 120 nationalities and 60+ languages represented, Proskuneo has the opportunity to engage teachers from a culturally diverse group of believers who are talented in their art.  Most of the PSOTA students are refugees from nations like Sudan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Bhutan, and Mexico.   PSOTA is sharing the Good News of God's love through one-on-one lessons, through recitals and performances, and through the personal relationships they have made with students and their families.  We are blessed to work with Founder, Josh Davis.  You can read about Proskuneo at 

Today, our students continued their lessons in knitting and art, building on the skills they have gained.  One of our instruments groups began lessons on the Recorder with Mrs. Pamela as their conductor.  I could hear strains of the William Tell Overture while the students kept time using drumsticks played on cans and plastic cutting boards - inventive instruments!  Another instrument the students enjoy playing is the boomwhacker, a lightweight, color-coded plastic tube, tuned to musical pitches by length.  They are learning the accompaniment to "This Is My Father's World".

These beautiful children come to us from many places throughout the world, yet their need is one that transcends all continents. . .to hear God's Good News of Jesus.  It is a precious blessing to carry that message to them through smiles, hugs, songs and sharing our stories.




Finger knitting!




Beautiful watercolor painting on rice paper.  The students mixed paints to achieve the various colors!