Clarkston: Camp Ministry, Day 4

The children arrived full of enthusiasm and energy on Thursday morning and tackled each class with excitement. 


Snacks, lunch, snacks. . .providing daily food for our campers is another way of showing God's love.  

Today the knitters began using the long pieces they finger-knitted to make bracelets, scarves, pillows, headbands and butterflies.  The artists learned to paint strawberries!  They were taught how to paint the flowers of the strawberry plant, how to add the leaves and then the strawberries.  They learned various techniques for shading around the flowers and adding grass at the base of the plant.  It was amazing to watch their little hands practice the techniques!


Each afternoon, the students have learned about different musical instruments:

Monday - David and Jon Klausmann shared the trumpet with the students and played a variety of songs.     

Tuesday - A Johnson Ferry String Quartet gave a demonstration of various stringed instruments. 

Wednesday - Bernard Flythe, a low brass player from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, brought two Tubas and shared an interesting array of music.

Thursday - Johnson Ferry's Bobby Smith entertained the group by teaching them how to write and record music.  


Sometimes students need a little extra love and attention.  Dennis was ready with a book to read to these students.   

This afternoon, Josh Davis led a group of us through a "Refugee Experience".  We learned how refugees are forced to leave their homes - how they must often flee quickly taking only what they can grab - and how, at times, they are forced to give up the people and things that matter most to them, often through circumstances over which they have no control.  This community of refugees in Clarkston has lost much, but Proskuneo is working to help them gain what will ultimately matter most to them - knowing Jesus and trusting Him as their Savior.  

Our devotional leader this morning read from Timothy Keller's "The Songs of Jesus" devotional.  Mr. Keller reminded us that one day there will be an international assembly of worshippers.  We will all be united through prayer and praise, because nothing unites people across racial and cultural barriers like prayer and praise.  Language differences will not be a barrier in this glorious international, multiracial, and richly diverse gathering of Praise to Jesus our LORD!