Rwanda: Day 4

Today we gathered together for devotions from Judy on hope and then split up into 6 teams to go to different churches and preach: Kathleen and Anna, Bev and Greg, Mark and Jessica, Prudy and James (our translator), Matt and Ezekiel, and John and Judy (Ron and Isaac were feeling under the weather). Each group experienced enormously positive responses, kindness, and had a wonderful opportunity to share their faith and encourage the Rwandans of a Christian life. Many shared their personal testimonies and one of our translators said this was very effective because Rwandans like to see that even Mzungus (white people) suffer from the same problems and the same God helps them. Praise the Lord!

            Unfortunately, on our way back from the village, our van was damaged and we had to rearrange our plans. By the grace of God, it broke down right at the entrance of the hotel! Praise the Lord! After lunch, some BCTP folks rode motorcycles to the village to continue teaching in the church. Bev and some others arrived an hour later in her car to help with the teaching. We were notified that our van was fixed and the rest of us prepared to go to the village, however the van didn’t show up and we could separate the gifts Kathleen brought for the pastors and children.