Rwanda: Day 7

We had devotions from Prudy and then packed up our van and headed out from Gisenyi back to Kigali. However, the van wasn’t completely fixed and we needed to stop and get it fixed before we could move on. We stopped in a gas station and immediately were surrounded by locals. When the repairs started taking longer than we thought, Matt started up conversations with the people around us about the Gospel. Pretty soon the whole group was evangelizing to those around us! What turned out to be a 15 minute stop for a fix turned out to be 4 hours of evangelizing! Praise God for using our circumstances for his ministry even if it wasn’t planned.

            We ended up switching vans while Happy (our driver) stayed behind with some luggage and tried to fix the van. Not 10 minutes after we got back on the road, Bev’s car got a flat tire. When stopped to fix the spare tire, we were able to evangelize to more people! This just goes to show that our plans are never secure. We rely on God’s plans. With all the vehicles fixed, we finally headed to Kigali and arrived in time to eat. We all went to bed quickly to get up early for the safari the next day.