Rwanda: Last Day

We headed out around 4:30am for our safari in Happy’s fixed van and another van we rented with a pop top. After about 30 minutes into the drive, Happy’s van was hit by a truck. It was a serious accident that should have had multiple injuries and problems, however the Lord performed a miracle! Nobody was hurt! Only shaken up. What happened was as we were curving around a bend in the road, a truck in the other lane merged into ours and scraped the entire side of Happy’s van. Both tires on the left side were destroyed and the side of the van was too. Those of us in the other van who were ahead heard the crash and immediately prayed for no injuries. God is SO good! A city van quickly stopped by and took those who were in Happy’s van and we continued towards the safari while Happy stayed to deal with the authorities.

Even though we’ve had many issues this trip, it was been so fruitful. Even Ken, our new bus driver for the safari, was saved because of the car accident. He said that there should have been many injuries from the car accident and the fact that there wasn’t, proved our group was doing something important for God. Mark and James were able to talk to him once we got back to the hotel and he gave his life to God! What an awesome outcome.

            From our trip, John summarizes:

  • We shared insight into sound biblical counseling for 63 pastors.

  • We encouraged these same pastors to continue in their BTCP studies to completion.

  • Women (76) were challenged to be the women that God intended them to be.

  • We shared Jesus Christ with over 1000 children in sports, evangelism and games.

  • We shared Jesus Christ with many many adults.

  • We shared the Jesus film with adults and children.

“We have seen 329 professions of faith during our time in Rwanda. Many people trusted in Christ yesterday as we witnessed to groups of people while our vehicles were being repaired. A total of 219 people trusted Jesus as a result of the team's personal witness. 110 people made decisions for Jesus as a result of seeing the Jesus film.”