Zimbabwe: What do the Fruits of the Spirit Look Like?

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control."  Galatians 5:22

Now please reread that verse and imagine a lot of pep, hand motions, and hip action. Cause that's how it's done Zimbabwe style.  --->>

When Jennifer Bosma came up with her hilarious dance and hand motions to the verse, I don't think she was planning on it being such a hit, but it was. Many of us felt we would never forget the verse and it's reference. I'm sure the children would agree.

God had something special for us in regard to the fruits. Not only had He orchestrated this to be the VBS theme long before our trip, He also showed us each of them while we were in Zimbabwe. Let me show you what I mean...







Each of the team members displayed it in a multitude of ways. Whether it was by playing soccer with the kids, mixing concrete, painting the little girls' nails, lugging water from a stream, or someone speaking words of encouragement to a fellow team member. Love was everywhere.

Love was even displayed by Tyler Craft proposing to his girlfriend, Jami Joyner. Congrats you two!



It was expressed on every child's face. The simplest things brought them so much joy. On the last day of VBS we took a Polaroid picture of each child for them to keep. All of the children thought it was the coolest thing. Something so simple to us meant the world to them.




It was found in our alone time with God. One morning Thomas Nelson challenged the team to go and spend 30 minutes with God through prayer, reading Scripture out loud, and singing God a song. To be in His beautiful creation with no distractions or noise was truly refreshing.







Travel will teach you a lot of patience. Our team had many circumstances where we to had to practice it.  After delayed flights, long bus rides, and too much time to kill in an airport, it was very clear this was something God wanted us to learn.



Chris and Norma Ferguson are beautiful examples of this. Being our host and hostess for the week, they displayed kindness in everything they did. The whole team would tell you what a blessing it was to be around them. Chris prayed with many of us, Norma always made sure we were well fed, and they both invited all of us to come back and stay with them. God's kindness radiated through them.




Every one of the Zimbabweans had this down pat. Every person we came in contact with was always so good to us. Many of them were happy to welcome us into our home, willing to translate for us, show us around, or help in whatever way they could.






God was very faithful to us, especially making sure we always got where we needed to be, with all our stuff. Even when two suitcase fell out the back of the bus, to no one’s knowledge, until much later. God made sure we got them back. No matter what curveball was thrown at us God always took care of us.



Each of the team members showed this whenever they were around children. It was always so beautiful to watch them spend time with the kids. Many of the guys played soccer with the kids or chased them around. Many of the girls were so loving and gentle as they held babies. Every one was a beautiful example of Jesus' love and gentleness to children.









During VBS, we had team members talk about or act out one of the fruits of the Spirit. When it came to self control AJ Baumenn and Robert Moore acted it out. As AJ told Robert he had to wait to eat his sandwich he jokingly squirmed and whined, but waited and displayed self control. I’m sure the children will always remember what self control is and it will bring a smile to their face.