North Africa: The road has already been laid out before us.

Our beautiful host city for the next few days...

Greetings from North Africa! Our team has had a solid two and half days on the ground, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for everything that has happened and been accomplished in the last few days.

This week, our team from Johnson Ferry is partnering with our good friends J & E, and we couldn’t be more honored and humbled that God would give us the opportunity to join them in the great work He’s doing in North Africa. J & E have felt led by the Lord to open an ESL school as means to reach their community, and already God has blessed it immensely, even in these early stages. One of the most prestigious schools in the city has heard about what they’re doing and wants them to not only teach classes, but also lead classes for the teachers so they can more effectively teach their pupils. 

This week, our small team is here to help codify what J & E are doing into tangible resources they can distribute to other workers who want to use ESL classes as a means to reach their communities. Our ladies have been hard at work each day writing curriculum and everything that comes with that: lesson plans, games, songs, crafts, take-home activities, movements, etc. It’s been a real privilege watching these ladies who have spent their careers teaching come together, and the goal for this week is to provide J & E a comprehensive curriculum plan for an entire year’s worth of ESL teaching. It’s a big task for sure, but they have plowed through in the two days they’ve had to work so far. I can’t wait to see what all they have ready by the end of this week.

While here, we also have the great opportunity of coming alongside J & E as they simply go have Gospel conversations in the community. It’s already been incredibly fruitful. Today for example, we split into 4 teams and went into different areas of the city. Each group was able to have wonderful, gospel-centered conversations… breaking the walls of religion, ethnicity, and nationality. It was really fun getting to debrief over a meal together tonight, listening to each other talk about the different folks they were able to share Christ with. 

Tomorrow we begin day three of curriculum writing, but we also get the chance to go into the school I mentioned earlier and demonstrate how these resources can be used at their school. We’d definitely appreciate your prayers, that many would be reached and that this school would continue to have favor on J & E and the work they’re doing. And ultimately of course, our number one prayer is that God may be glorified in everything that we do. We can’t wait to update you on future things as they develop… thanks for faithfully being a sending church, Johnson Ferry!