ALBANIA: Full Days, Meeting Lots of University Students, and Great Events!


Tuesday and Wednesday were very busy with long days and many events!  Staff and students...along with volunteers like us...received our shirts on Tuesday as we began our day.

The medical university was our destination on Tuesday morning.

The medical university was our destination on Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday afternoon, Jana presented her seminar on “God and Science” for the medical students.


Meanwhile, Karen presented at an International Schools Project seminar at the Hotel Doro which was attended by 120 teachers. 


Wednesday morning was our time to be at the Foreign Language and Engineering Universities where we gave invitations to students to come to American Night and challenged them to discover their world views.


In the afternoon, Kevin was invited to speak to a student service organization named Y-Peer about volunteer relations.


And Wednesday evening was American Night which was introduced by Kelly and Michael with a talk about Freedom.  Then Kevin challenged students to view things a little differently as the large audience of students broke up into 5 groups to discuss important “Life Questions”.  Then the evening continued at restaurants and coffee shops nearby where we had amazing conversations with students.  We are having a very blessed time!  Thank you for your prayers!