West Africa:Trinity Baptist Church

Our prayer:

Father God , we just want to thank you for the men and women who have planned for us, prepared our food, made sure we had water, and much much more.  Please multiply back all the time they spent caring for us and their time away from their families.  Multiply that back to them Lord. Father, we thank you for the Sunday School teachers and pastors who have such a heart  for impacting the children so that they would know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives,.  

And Father for today, we pray for Trinity Baptist Church.  We thank you for their vision and their partnership with Compassion International that is impacting over 200 children in the surrounding  area,  We thank you for their pastor and ask that you strengthen him. He is you hands, feet, eyes, ears and mouth to that congregation.  We thank you for their beautiful unfinished building, and the big vision they have for you.  We pray that you would raise up the members of that congregation that they would give of their time, talent, and resources so that it could serve 1,000 children.  We have truly been blessed, and we give you all the glory, We know that You hold all of this in your hands and will use these wonderful people to grow your Kingdom.  It’s in your powerful name we pray, Amen