Clarkston Rocks!!

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good.
I know the Lord is great,
That our Lord is greater than all gods.
— Psalm 135:3a & 5a
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Beginning June 11, thirty happy and eager servants traveled daily to Clarkston, Georgia.  It is difficult to imagine so many people groups—sixty languages in a one-mile radius—live in this small Georgia town.  It was an honor to be a part of this week’s Camp Encounter where children could receive academic tutoring, be a part of sports camp, or art and music camp (a.k.a. Clarkston Rocks). Of the 150 registered campers, approximately 70 attended our Clarkston Rocks music and arts sessions, which included Art, Crafts and Musical Instruments.

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Each morning began with a chapel session, during which Pamela taught songs about God’s goodness, greatness, everlasting love, and power to the children.  Lauren McCook taught the children to sign the memory verse and each day Pastor Eric, from Clarkston International Baptist Church, taught a different attribute of God to the children.  So, every day all of us learned something new of God’s Glory and Wisdom, that He is Almighty and sovereign.

What a blessing it is to hear the children’s sweet voices singing praises to the Lord!

You have set your glory in the heavens through the praise of children.
— .Psalm 8:1-2
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At art and music camp, the kids had a great time learning how to play instruments and how to make them too!  They also got quite good at reading and playing different rhythms. 

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Boot camp and music bingo taught the kids to read the many symbols that are found in a musical composition, while we all exercised, ran, hopped, and jumped to the music. We really got our steps in each day while having so much fun! 

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Have you ever tried to balance an Oreo on your forehead and get it in your mouth without using your hands?? Try it....great family fun and lots of laughs. 

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We also expanded our repertoires with Chinese art techniques. Adults and kids alike became quite adept at managing the brush to create fish, flowers and birds...truly works of art.

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Clarkston Music Camp 2018 painting.JPG
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Throughout the week, our team members remained alert for possible opportunities to have gospel conversations with the children.  During art classes, team members were especially sensitive to praise each individual’s artistic ability, instead of focusing on our “mistakes.” We used that opportunity to talk about how, through Jesus, God can see each of us as His perfect children.

Friday’s highlight was having the families join us for celebration and sharing of all that the children had learned and built in camp: scripture, sign language, worship through song and playing of instruments, arts, crafts, new friendships, and so much more. 

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Looking into the eyes of these beautiful children from so many corners of the world is a precious reminder of how diverse Heaven will be.  Our daily prayer was, and is, to be an instrument in sharing the Good News!

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To God be the glory. Our God is in the Heavens; He does all that he pleases.
— Psalm 115:3

We pray that the Lord was pleased with our efforts and will multiply them and those of Clarkston International Bible Church and the Proskuneo School of the Arts that is housed there.