Clarkston, GA (June 5-7)

How is it that our team from Johnson Ferry will be participating in an “international” mission by driving 21 miles to the southeast to Clarkston, instead of to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport?  Here are some fun facts on Clarkston, Georgia!  TIME Magazine once called it “the most diverse square mile in the United States.”  It would seem that that is very true, since according to the Clarkston website, there are 60 different languages spoken within the 1.4 square mile that makes up Clarkston!

We will be working with Proskuneo Ministries, a ministry in Clarkston with a vision for “bringing all nations together in worship” so that we might “worship on earth as in heaven” as the Apostle John describes in Revelation 7:9.

Proskuneo Ministries offers various music and art classes to students of all ages in Clarkston.  In the last couple of years, our teams have been a part of their expanding the ministry by offering various music and art camps in the summer.  As part of that vision, our team of 9 ladies will be leading a “Beats and Brushes” music camp for a group of 4-6 year old’s from a wide variety of nationalities.  Our theme is “Daniel in the Lion’s Den.”  So, we are equipped with some fun songs on prayer, obedience, and LIONS!  The van will also be loaded up with cool crafts and yummy snacks! 

So… what we would covet is your prayer support!

Please pray for safe travel to and from Clarkston each day and the health of the team.

Please pray for divine appointments as team members have opportunities to share with the music camp participants, parents and staff.

Please pray that the spiritual songs, Bible story (Daniel in the Lion’s Den) & scriptures we are teaching will penetrate the children’s hearts.

On the last day of the camp, we will invite the parents to a short program to listen to the songs their children learned and see their handwork with the crafts.  Please pray that the parents and care givers will come to the performance and will understand and know the One True God about whom we are sharing.