Ireland (June 1-11)

Greetings from Ireland!

We’ve had an eventful and productive time so far. At just halfway through the trip, more has been accomplished than expected, and God has tremendously blessed us with new friends at Operation Mobilization (OM) – the organization we’re assisting. Before the trip, we asked the Lord for good weather so we could get as much work done as possible. The weather has been clear and warm all week, which is extremely unusual for Ireland!

The Irish countryside is spectacular, and Lacken House is an incredible place. It’s exciting that God placed it in the hands of OM to be used for the Kingdom.

ireland 1.jpg
ireland 2.jpg
An aerial view of Lacken House and the surrounding grounds and chalets. 

An aerial view of Lacken House and the surrounding grounds and chalets. 

On Sunday, we attended church at Life for the People Church, a Portuguese congregation dedicated to outreach in Ireland. They were welcoming, friendly, and fun to interact with.

ireland 4.jpg

We ate lunch with Daniel and Ashlyn Lowe. Afterward, we watched the Soap Box Derby.  The track had a ramp and curves, and the entire town came to see.  We finished the day at the ruins of Castle Roscommon – a fascinating site!

ireland 5.jpg
ireland 6.jpg

Monday and Tuesday, we set to renovating the chalets here at Lacken House.

ireland 7.jpg

Here’s Kay removing caulk from one of the chalets.

ireland 8.jpg

Since the sanding machines couldn’t remove paint from the grooves in between the planks, Jim had the “character building” job of hand sanding these areas. 

ireland 9.jpg

After the sanding was complete, the team began putting two coats of paint on the chalets.

God has blessed our progress, and despite one or two hurdles, we’re ahead of schedule! It’ll be exciting to see what’s accomplished by the end of the week.