Clarkston: A "Roaring" Success!

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A “Beats and Brushes” class is just that!   BEATS: getting to play all kinds of cool instruments; using your body to clap, stomp, and pat out neat new rhythms; and learning new songs!

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. . . .  And BRUSHES: making cool crafts with paint, glue, and who knows what else (macaroni, perhaps?)!

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BUT . . . here is the key:  all those BEATS and all those BRUSHES point to the WORD OF GOD—in our case, specifically to “Daniel and the Lion’s Den.”

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We made “prayer boxes” to save all the prayers that our young people will want to lift to God and to then observe His answers!

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We made backpacks with lions all over; a lion puppet; a lion sun catcher; and a lion’s mask for our final performance.  We had to admit that having a wonderful story about God’s protection involving lions leads to some really fun crafts!

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