Albania (July 19-29)

Thank you for joining us on our journey to Albania and partnering with us in prayer. Our mission will be to share the love of Christ with college students from the University in Tirana, while teaching English. We will be working alongside a team of seven Cru staff on the southern coast of Albania.

Camp begins Sunday, July 22, with registration and testing to divide participants into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Monday through Friday mornings will include English lessons, games to promote learning, and Bible discussion. In the afternoons students will have free time, during which our goal will be to have one-on-one Gospel conversations over coffee and/or gelato. In the evenings Cru and American teams will host fun, group activities.

Prayer Requests:

·         Pray that God would go before us to prepare the hearts of each student who will be at  camp.

·         32 students have signed up so far, including 28 nonbelievers and 4 believers. We can    accommodate 36 students, so please pray that God will bring students with receptive hearts to hear and receive the Gospel.   

·         Pray that true disciples of Christ will come from this group of students, and that they will impact many for the kingdom of God in the future.

·         Pray for the team’s boldness and for opportunities to share the Gospel.

·         Pray for flexibility and unity among the believers.

·         Pray for our safety and the safe arrival of the luggage and teaching supplies.

·         Pray that we would serve the Cru staff well.

·         Pray for the health and strength of the team members.  Most of the Cru staff are finishing up another week of language camp just before we arrive.

·         Pray that we would build relationships that will continue to grow even after camp is over.

·         Pray for the protection of our loved ones while we are away.

·         Pray that God will remove all roadblocks and distractions, so that we are fully focused on our mission.

·         Pray that God prevents the enemy from gaining any foothold in or influence over the minds of the lost students.

·         Pray for humility and that all glory goes to God.