East Africa Trip


Jambo! (Hello in Swahili)

Here are just a couple things our team did on our mission trip to East Africa.

Our JFBC ministry partners started Three Strands Ministry years ago. Today we worked with Sew4Life, which falls under the Three Strands Ministry umbrella.

There were 8 ladies there. Each week the ladies come Tuesday through Friday to sew. They are given instructions, fabric, encouragement, tea/bread, and discipleship. Coming to the Sewing Center is a temporary escape for them. They make projects that they can sell. The sewing machines are all operated by foot pedals - no electricity!!


In one of our training sessions our trip leader shared with us that in many parts of the world, monthly cycles for women present a hardship. Many women cannot afford the high cost of disposable products. And many don't even have access to them. By teaching them to make reusable pads, we are not only giving them an affordable solution, but are also teaching them a skill that can earn money as well as serve as a vehicle for sharing the gospel with others.

At First Love Orphanage, we did a Vacation Bible School. Before leaving Atlanta we were told we would have around 50 kids for VBS. As it turns out, we had 72. We made it work!


We began the day with dancing and singing about being God’s children. We gave the kids some colorful streamers and they were allowed to dance around the room. They loved it! After that, we read a book called "This is the Gospel". The kids were very intrigued. After that, it was time for the craft!

The craft was a wooden 4x6 frame that the kids would decorate. We decided to take a picture of each child and we would have them printed so that they could put that picture in their frame.

For the second part of the morning, we headed outside where we played games. Hula hoops were a big hit and so were the relay races. The kids had a blast and it was a joy to watch them.

We come home with grateful hearts for all that the Lord has done these 10 days.