Setting the Fire in East Africa

We are in our homes this morning praising God going before us on our journey to East Africa! Our mission included training 100 children’s workers and pastors. We loved sharing the importance of teaching God’s Word to children. The participants welcomed our message enthusiastically and said that we “set the fire”. We pray by the power of the Holy Spirit that the fire will spread throughout all Malawi and beyond.

There was sheer joy as we were greeted by 300 children in the village founded by Hope Missions Ministries. We sang, marched, and shared the gospel where 40 children prayed to receive Christ. Our team will never forget the joy of vibrant worship in the churches on Sunday. It was our privilege to teach in the classes for the children. That afternoon brought 100 kids to a funfest where again we loved singing, marching and sharing the gospel. When given the scratch off cross, the children simultaneously expressed, “Ahhhhhh” as they scratched off their sins to reveal the beautiful life in Christ underneath.

We have had some exciting days in Gaborone, Botswana. We loved singing, sharing the gospel, and demonstrating an Orff ensemble with 600 enthusiastic and rhythmically talented teens. 


Sixty pastors and church leaders gathered for a conference of which we were a part. The conference opened with inspirational words from the leaders about the importance of teaching the children: “If we do not teach them strong Christian principles, the world will. We could lose this generation.” Our presentation and demonstration of curriculum for babies to three year olds was very well received. There were 60 workers in attendance who were very attentive, participatory, and receptive. They took notes, made good comments, and asked good questions. They left with a better understanding of the why and how of children’s ministry. We praise God for their receptiveness and ask God to bless them in their service.


Sunday took us to several churches where we were privileged to work with the children and attend church services. We are always blessed by the passionate worship!  The message was delivered by Lucy, our mission partner from Kenya, who has been traveling with us. She exhorted the congregation to “train up a child in the way he should go.” It was a passionate message. One of the highlights of the day was hosting a funfest for 240 children and parents. Once again we sang, marched, and clapped. Most importantly, the gospel was shared!  Several children indicated that they prayed to receive Christ for the first time. Hallelujah!


Our work here is done, and we thank the Lord and JFBC for this opportunity!  We pray that He will multiply our efforts and continue to grow those seeds we have planted. We give Him all the glory!