Albania Update

Hello from Albania! Team America has been at English Camp on the beaches of Vlore since Monday, and we all agree that it is a privilege to serve alongside the Cru team in this outreach ministry to college students. I just escaped Albania Night for a few minutes so I can tell you what is happening on this side of the world.

We have four classes of fairly proficient English speakers from the University in Tirana, so several of us have had to increase the level of our lessons significantly. Beyond teaching article adjectives, contractions, and conjunctions, we are playing lots of games and having deep discussions about God.

On Monday we had the students fill out a form which identifies their worldview. On Tuesday we read through Genesis 1 in order to discuss creation based on our worldview and theirs. Today we went over to Genesis 3 where they learned about sin and separation from God from a Biblical perspective. This led to many thoughtful questions, which we continued in the afternoon by taking individual students to “coffee” (a generic term describing a time of socializing with friends). We, of course, do this in order to know the students on a more personal level with the hope of sharing the Gospel and them making a decision to follow Jesus.

On Tuesday night, we hosted America Night. We attempted to explain the great diversity that exists in our country through a skit, team games, dancing, and a few boring statistics (Darin’s words…not mine). The kids ate brownies and ice cream, enjoyed our photo booth, and went away with their very own American T-shirt. The one thing that surprised us all is that none of them had every played BINGO. They are a very competitive group, so you can imagine how serious they took this game!

And now for some hi-lights from team members about the exciting things God has done thus far:

Jim~ “The students in our discussion group have really enjoyed and engaged in the Bible topics. My student helper and I met with two students. One has begun to understand what it means to be a true Christian, while the second desires to know who God is. She said she would study the Bible so she can hear from God.”

Pam~ “I had an amazing conversation with a girl who has never heard anything about the Bible. Both of her parents have a Communist background, so they never talked about God in her family. I was able to share a clear presentation of the Gospel with her, but she said it will take time to process. At this time she believes there is a God, so I explained His promise that if she seeks, she will find Him. I also encouraged her to get involved with Jetmira, one of the Cru staff, in order to navigate all of this new information.”

Zoya~ “I had a good conversation with a young man who said that he believes in God. I shared my testimony with him, and he has many questions about God. I am going to give him a devotional so he can read every day and know God more. I also talked with another student who believes in God, but he wants to have a more personal relationship with Him.”

Darin~ “I have liked everything about this mission trip so far. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the kids and the culture, and I am realizing that missionaries work really hard! One of the students I’ve talked to about God is receptive to hearing the Gospel and my beliefs, and is open to share the differences with his beliefs. I was able to share my testimony for the first time since being here, and we were able to connect over that. He is interested in learning more, so I hope to have more one-on-one time with him before we leave.”

Rick~ “I had good discussions with two students and was pleasantly surprised with the interest one of them showed. When the other left he said, ‘I need to go think.’ Hopefully that is a sign that God is working on his heart.”

Ashley~ “I have had promising conversations with two boys who believe in God but have misconceptions about who He is. Their main struggle is with the question of suffering. As they ask very good questions, I have had to take a step back and really think about how best to articulate a clearly defined response. I believe that God is working through these discussions to address their concerns, but in doing so, to continually redirect them back to the cross where it all make sense. I hope to continue these conversations and pray that both will develop a personal relationship with Jesus.” 

Kelly~ “After class, I was able to get into a good conversation with one of my students who believes in God but doesn’t understand forgiveness. I am hoping to have ‘coffee’ with her tomorrow to continue our discussion. I also spoke for several hours with a young lady who has a worldview unlike anything I’ve ever heard. She is highly intelligent and has created a theory based on an algorithm in our brains which enables us to function in this world. She is very curious and allowed me to explain my beliefs. She also asked many questions and left the conversation saying that she would continue to learn about Christianity, though she really likes what she believes.”

Lucy and Charles~ “The students in our class acknowledge God in one way or another. We have one that has been influenced heavily by Islam, so he doesn’t believe in the Trinity or that Jesus is God. We also have one that leans very much toward Pantheism, believing that ‘everything’ is God. Another approaches this topic from a philosophical and intellectual mindset. He has quoted Nietzsche, and yet is not an atheist. A couple are medical students who are looking for a way to reconcile ‘science’ with Christianity. None are Atheist. None are hostile. All are actively and eagerly asking questions and re-evaluating their worldviews in light of the Gospel.”

Blessings and love from all of us!

Albania (July 19-29)

Thank you for joining us on our journey to Albania and partnering with us in prayer. Our mission will be to share the love of Christ with college students from the University in Tirana, while teaching English. We will be working alongside a team of seven Cru staff on the southern coast of Albania.

Camp begins Sunday, July 22, with registration and testing to divide participants into beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. Monday through Friday mornings will include English lessons, games to promote learning, and Bible discussion. In the afternoons students will have free time, during which our goal will be to have one-on-one Gospel conversations over coffee and/or gelato. In the evenings Cru and American teams will host fun, group activities.

Prayer Requests:

·         Pray that God would go before us to prepare the hearts of each student who will be at  camp.

·         32 students have signed up so far, including 28 nonbelievers and 4 believers. We can    accommodate 36 students, so please pray that God will bring students with receptive hearts to hear and receive the Gospel.   

·         Pray that true disciples of Christ will come from this group of students, and that they will impact many for the kingdom of God in the future.

·         Pray for the team’s boldness and for opportunities to share the Gospel.

·         Pray for flexibility and unity among the believers.

·         Pray for our safety and the safe arrival of the luggage and teaching supplies.

·         Pray that we would serve the Cru staff well.

·         Pray for the health and strength of the team members.  Most of the Cru staff are finishing up another week of language camp just before we arrive.

·         Pray that we would build relationships that will continue to grow even after camp is over.

·         Pray for the protection of our loved ones while we are away.

·         Pray that God will remove all roadblocks and distractions, so that we are fully focused on our mission.

·         Pray that God prevents the enemy from gaining any foothold in or influence over the minds of the lost students.

·         Pray for humility and that all glory goes to God.

Albania: God is Moving Among the University Students

We arrived safely on Saturday.  Since then we have been very busy.  On Sunday morning we attended Cornerstone Church at the Cru student center in Tirana, where worshipped with many staff friends, students and acquaintances from previous visits.  It was good catching up with them as well as meeting new fellow believers.

We were pleasantly surprised on Sunday afternoon to have a great turnout for our July English Camp “reunion”.  Out of our 35 students we had 22 come by to see us!  We had fun renewing our friendships and catching up, while also having some very serious spiritual conversations continuing from discussions in the summer.  Several of these students will be involved with the Cru Campus ministry as the staff engages them with Bible studies and activities. 

English Camp Reunion - Majlinda, Kevin, Gazmela, Ina, Izzja

English Camp Reunion - Majlinda, Kevin, Gazmela, Ina, Izzja

Sunday evening we split our team to Vlora and Elbasan.  Rick Johnstone, Jim and Pam Pearson, Preston Cho and Priscilla Sibley traveled Vlora while the rest of the team headed to Elbasan to work with the campus ministry teams in those cities.  Both of our groups arrived safely and settled in for the week with their Cru teams. 

Elbasan team's home for the week: Hotel Guri -- located inside the 15th century castle walls

Elbasan team's home for the week: Hotel Guri -- located inside the 15th century castle walls

Albania is located in the ancient Roman province of Illyricum. There is lots of history here.  The Apostle Paul preached here on his third missionary journey -- probably in 56 A.D. "I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum." (Romans 15:19b)

Ancient Roman low relief sculpture on display in the Elbasan castle

Ancient Roman low relief sculpture on display in the Elbasan castle

On Monday and Tuesday, our teams have been handing out a student calendar to Freshmen students which contains a gospel presentation along with information about fun events that the Cru teams are hosting. The students can fill in a short quiz to be entered into a drawing for prizes. In doing so, they provide their contact information to Cru, who will follow up with them throughout the school year.

During this time we also have had many opportunities to have “coffees” with students where we have gotten to know them and share the Good News of Jesus. Most students come from a Muslim background, and have never heard the gospel before. Several students have already made professions of faith during these encounters, amazing us with the way God can move in students’ hearts.

Karen and Judy sharing coffee and the gospel with the students

Karen and Judy sharing coffee and the gospel with the students

Coffee Conversation about Christ

Coffee Conversation about Christ

During the evenings, after the student activities are finished, we have enjoyed some wonderful dinners together with the Christian Albanian university students who have traveled from a different city to serve as missionaries alongside us.

Team Dinner in Elbasan

Team Dinner in Elbasan

Albania: English Camp on the Adriatic Sea

Tungjatje'ta nga Albania (Hello from Albania)!

All of our people and luggage arrived without incident on Friday morning around 10:30. We were quickly whisked away by our friends and English Camp leaders, Dionis and Jetmira, and arrived in Shengjin approximately 1 1/2 hours later. 

We were allowed a quick potty break and then began a favorite sport of JFBC team members visiting Albania... Olympic-style EATING. I won't mention that most of us had already eaten 3 to 4 times on our way here, but that was nothing compared to the 7-course lunch we were served in the hotel dining room! I could probably name all 7 courses, but it makes me a bit nauseous just thinking about it. 

Afterward, Dionis attempted to orient us to the happenings of the upcoming week, however half of us were trying to keep our eyes open, and the other half were in a food coma. When that was finished, we had approximately 2 hours of free time. Some went for a walk on the beach, others went for a swim, and those with a little common sense (I won't mention names) took a nap. Once our break was over, you'll never guess what came next... DINNER! That's right, we headed to a beachside, open air restaurant where we watched the sun set and ordered and consumed 5 pizzas! It was both beautiful and ridiculous. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Bruce twisted our arms and convinced us to stop by a gelato shop for dessert. Okay... enough about food!

The next morning we went on a sightseeing tour of Rozafa Castle in Shkodra, which was an Illyricum stronghold until the Romans captured it in 167 BC. There is a creepy legend about three brothers who were building the wall and had to bury one of their wives within the wall to keep it from falling. The one who was chosen made an absurd request, which I will let those of you who are interested read on your own. Simply google 'Legend of Rozafa Castle'.

From there we traveled treacherous roads in a less than reliable mini-bus to get to our lakeside lunch. Arriving an hour late, our fearless leader, Jim, chose to rest in a nearby hammock in order to allow God's peace to wash over him. We had to leave him there, as God had much work to do (KIDDING)!

When we got back to the hotel, we set up four classrooms for the 36 students who arrived today. We began by testing each of them and placing them in beginning, intermediate, and advanced groups. Then, we played games and danced into the night. As is usual, Bruce wowed us with his style and grace, and Laurie is now recovering from a knee injury!

Classes begin in the morning, so please pray for our effectiveness as we teach and build relationships. Of course, our greatest hope is to share the love of Christ with these sweet, young adults. We're trusting God to do great things and look forward to sharing more with you later in the week.

Blessings and love from Albania English Camp Team 2017

  • Sherry and Jim
  • Bruce and Karen
  • Janie
  • Wes
  • Laurie
  • Ashleigh
  • Kelly

Albania: Gospel Conversations

It's our last day in Albania, but we still have a lot to do. Several of us have individual appointments. These are people who we want to share the Gospel with before we leave. Kevin and I are meeting with a few girls that we met at one of the socials. An Albanian Cru member will join us to help translate and to develop a relationship in which she can follow up at a later date. We're also meeting with a girl who Kevin met on his last trip here in October. She was one of the front desk clerks at the hotel in which he stayed. She brought one of their new employees to game night a few days ago, so new relationships are continually being formed. It would be amazing if we took the time to do the same in the USA.

This afternoon we are partnering with a High School music group from Denver, CO. They will be singing, and Ken Boa will be the speaker at an event for high school students. Last night we had a parent night for Cru members' parents. As some of you know, communism fell in Albania in 1991, so most of the parents of these young adults were brought up believing that there is no God. As their children come to know Jesus, many think it is simply a phase they are going through. Typically, however, they're not bothered by it. With that in mind, we hosted a dinner for them and Ken Boa gave a very convincing argument for trusting in Jesus even at their advanced age (late 40s and early 50s). Being 71 years old (20 years their senior), an author of more than 80 books, and having received two PHDs (NYU and Oxford), a Masters from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Bachelors from Case Institute of Technology, he earned their respect and attention. We'll see what fruit that brings in the future, as the students and Cru staff are excited to follow up.

Other stories from the past few days include:

1. Shannon and Ben visiting Mentor's wife, Arenda, at their home outside the city. She is about to have a baby any moment, so she hasn't been with us this week. They are a wonderful family who Shannon and Ben will support in the future.

2. Preston and Avni met with a young men after Ken's presentation on the origin of life. He was impressed with the statement, "Don't ask God for justice; ask Him for grace." Kevin and Ben also met with a Muslim named Soni who asked many good, deep questions. Because these two have a depth of knowledge that many of us don't, they were able to successfully use the diagrams from Ken's book "I'm Glad You Asked" to give good, deep answers.

3. Preston and Renis met Blendi for coffee. He was not ready to give up the things in life that he enjoys. Knowing that Blendi is an engineering student, Preston asked if we should trust the engineer who made the airplane on which we'll fly home on Sunday. He agreed that we should, so Preston related that to how we can trust the "Engineer" who created us and knows what's best for us. Blendi says that when he gets older he will probably choose to do so and trust in Jesus. Pray for him to make this decision sooner than later.

4. Shannon and Emily took a large group of women to Big Bite (yummy fast food... nothing like McDonalds) after the student night. A devout evolutionist, Esmerelda's belief system was shaken just a bit as Shannon asked things like, "Where do you think the first cell came from?" She didn't know. Then she asked questions such as, "Why would God want to have a relationship with us?" Shannon agreed that this is amazing thing, but the Bible tells us many times that it's because He loves us. Probably more important than any of these details, Shannon showed Esmerelda compassion that she hadn't experienced before. She, in fact, told Shannon that people thought she had a bad heart because of her beliefs.

5. Kelly and Alba met for lunch with two girls Muslim girls, Eva and Bona, from the University where languages are taught (I forget the name). Eva was a very bold, outspoken individual who, according to Bona, even interrupts people as they're answering the professor. I introduced them to my family, via pictures, and they were both very impressed with my nephew, Samuel (Hubba hubba... SAMUEL)! I explained why I had come to Albania, and Eva said that I could try to convince her about Jesus. I made her a bet that I could and we shook on it. I then explained to her an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, helping her to understand God's "rescue plan" to save us from our sin through the blood of Christ. By the time I was done, she was sitting quietly staring at me. Her friend, Bona, said, "I've never seen her sit still for so long without talking." Eva agreed that she never has. So I asked, "Have I convinced you?" She answered, "Yes, you have." That doesn't mean that she has decided to follow Jesus, but she now believes that He is who He says He is, and, of course, Alba will follow up with her in the future. That's not all... Eva looks straight into my eyes again and says... wait for it... "You are like the LIGHT." I about fell off my seat. Both Alba and I looked at each other with disbelief and lots of goose bumps and explained that Jesus claimed to be the LIGHT of the world. AWESOME STUFF!

Alba and I made such a great team, that we took a group of girls to dinner that night (no, Rachel, I'm not losing any weight on this trip). We had another Muslim girl with us who listened attentively and said she believed. We asked if she wanted to pray with us, but she said she needs to process it all a bit longer. She also said, after learning that Alba's Bible study girls had committed to remaining virgins until marriage, that she wants to do that as well. How sweet is that?

6. Oh yeah... Ben got kicked out of a restaurant...

7. Yesterday, while Emily and Michelle went to a meeting with non-believing ex-pats, the rest of us went to see a beautiful castle in Petrela. The pictures will speak for themselves. The meeting that I mentioned was simply for the purpose of building relationships with people, so a Cru staff member asked if any of us had a skill that we could share. With that in mind, Emily took some of her 'Initial Outfitters' jewelry and taught about 30 women how to accessorize.

save 2.png

Tonight we will end our trip with a farewell dinner at a nice restaurant (they've all been super yummy) with certain members of the Cru staff. We will get back to the hotel around 10:00 pm but must leave for the airport by 3:30. The catch is that Albania's daylight savings goes into affect tonight. Therefore, for the second time this year, we will lose an hour of sleep. Totally not fair!

A funny story that I'll leave you with today happened while we were finishing up breakfast. Ben received a text from Adiol (the Muslim man who followed him up the pyramid the other day... read post 2 for details). Adiol told Ben that he is the only one who can help him. He said that he is in love with a girl, and "she has the birthday". He wants to go to her but doesn't have money to do so. Unless Ben helps him get to this girl, "In this life I will never be happy". If Ben is to help him with his request, he will put a tattoo of Ben on himself so that he can remember his wonderful gift for the rest of his life! We're all meeting Ariol at the tattoo parlor after the high school event to witness this wonderful commitment to LOVE (just kidding)!

Thank you, once again, for your prayers and support while we've been away. We know that you are an integral part of this ministry, and God has certainly blessed your faithfulness. Many "seeds" were planted, much "fruit" is growing, and several have been ready for the "harvest". Praise God! The Cru team in Albania is truly on mission, and it was such a pleasure to partner with them. They are all such wonderful people with amazing hearts to serve the Lord and bring home the lost. If any of you have the desire to know more about them, please just let us know. It is truly a worthy cause.

Prayer requests as we leave include:

  • The country of Albania as a whole needs to know Jesus. Please pray that the few Christians in this beautiful place will have great success spreading the Gospel.
  • Many relationships were formed this past week with young adults who are wrestling with what they believe. Pray that they would know the TRUTH and that they will be set free.
  • For Cru Albania to be successful in their many ministries. That existing partnerships would be strengthened and new partnerships would form.
  • Travel mercies for Team Albania as we travel home.
  • Sleep

We love you!

Team Albania

Albania: Miredita nga Albania (Good afternoon from Albania)!

                                         A HUGE mosque being constructed in the heart of Tirana

                                         A HUGE mosque being constructed in the heart of Tirana

Sorry that it has taken so long to send a second post, but our team has been going in so many different directions, that it has been hard to collect everyone's stories. So, grab a cup of coffee (an Albanian requirement for sitting down with a friend) and catch up with us if you're so inclined.

I'll start with our youngest team members, Ben and Shannon Jones. They have impacted so many already, that I may only be scratching the surface. Certainly, by the time this is sent, they will have more to tell.

          Sharing the Gospel with Agron Zefi

          Sharing the Gospel with Agron Zefi

I will start with Ben going to dinner two nights ago with two of the Cru staff and a non-believer named Agron Zefi. Long story short... after three hours and a journey through Scripture... Ben led Afron to saving faith in Jesus Christ! Halleluiah!

Last night, Ben went with another group to dinner and shared the Gospel with someone who had never heard. There wasn't a profession of faith, but this young man seemed surprised by the new revelation he'd been given.  The wonderful thing about this method of evangelizing is that the Americans (like monkeys at the zoo) draw the lost in, and the Cru staff are faithful to follow up with discipleship for new believers and further discussion of the Gospel for those who need more time.

Yesterday morning, Shannon and Ben were able to meet up with missionary friends, Nathan and Cydil Waggoner, and their two children (adopted from Albania), Ellie and Reni. They run a community center in a small town outside of Tirana. Please pray for them, as resistance to the Gospel seems to be on the increase. Cydil said it wasn't too serious... just chickens with their heads cut off left in their front yard. Really?

The Waggoner Family

The Waggoner Family

Going back... On day one, we were taking a walking tour of the city of Tirana and stopped by the pyramid built by former communist dictator, Enver Hoxha, to honor himself (pride issue...ya think?). Anyway, as Avni gave us a little history, Ben was itching to climb the pyramid. Daddy Kevin told him that we didn't have time, and Ben pouted just a bit. Well, yesterday, Ben and Shannon had a little time to kill, so they found themselves, once again, in front of the pyramid. Like a child, Ben ran up the side and was chased by a young man who also had nothing better to do that afternoon than climb a monument. He was a Muslim... kind of... His ideology is simply that everyone should LOVE one another. Therefore, he loves Allah and Jesus and seemingly anyone else who wants a relationship with him.

Looking toward the base of the pyramid, Ben saw Shannon talking to another Albanian and pointed her out to his new friend. He told Ben that it would be okay for him to fight this man because he should not be approaching his wife in that way. Having not worked out for several days, Ben chose instead to descend the concrete mountain and introduce himself. Upon doing so, he discovered that Elvis is alive and well and living in Albania. It's TRUE!  Albanian Elvis is a poet with a large family and no job. After reciting some LOVE poetry to Shannon, she and Ben took him to a store and bought some groceries for him to take home to his family. How about that for true LOVE?

Yes, we have other people on the team besides Ben and Shannon. I'll share a few hi-lights...

Yetmira, Preston, and Majlinda

Yetmira, Preston, and Majlinda

1. Preston went to dinner with a group last night. It included some of the Cru staff and a girl who they had been sharing with for quite a while. After recounting the Gospel story, the young girl admitted that she doesn't want a relationship with Jesus because there are things that she likes that she doesn't want to give up. Supernaturally, God gave Preston the "Toothpaste Analogy", which I will paraphrase. He asked the young lady if she brushes her teeth. She told him that she does. He asked her why. She said to make them clean. He explained that once we start brushing our teeth, we never stop. We like the way it feels to have a fresh mouth. We no longer can stand the way it feels when our teeth are dirty. "That is the way it is with a relationship with Jesus." Preston said. "Once you have Him in your life, you like the way it feels so much that you no longer desire the bad things that previously gave you pleasure." SHE GOT SAVED! Halleluiah!

                Ken Boa in the Tirana Times

                Ken Boa in the Tirana Times

2. On another note... Bob has just been promoted from Ken Boa's caddy to his American handler. He is second only to Avni, the Albanian handler, only because he doesn't have cool, dark sunglasses. Carol, you'll need to see that he buys some when he gets home, or the job may be revoked.

3. Coke executive, Michelle Smith, had the privilege of going with Bob and Avni to Ken's speaking engagements yesterday. I don't have all the details, but I know she ate LOTS of good food (the kind where they serve lemon sorbet between courses to cleanse the pallet) with LOTS of "important" Albanians. In fact, she educated a lofty government official about tax laws and more effective ways to run his country. You go girl!

Michelle, Ortensia, Emily, Dionis, and Yetmira ~ More talking... More eating!

Michelle, Ortensia, Emily, Dionis, and Yetmira ~ More talking... More eating!

4. Emily was a rock star amongst the young female university students at game night last night. She's building relationships, gathering Facebook friends, and winning people over with her sincerely sweet personality. Albanians are super nice, but I'm pretty sure Emily has them beat!

Emily and her girls

Emily and her girls

5. Several of us went out in groups to the medical and engineering universities to invite students to a special event yesterday afternoon at Mosaic church and last night at the Cru office. It's truly amazing how open these people are to listen to what we have to say (monkeys at the zoo). During this process, Bruce (7-time missionary to Albania) took the time to share the Gospel with approximately 30 students. He's my hero! He and Kevin also walked down to the hotel that they stayed at in October and invited the front desk clerk, Xhulia (Julia), to come bring a new employee, Julia (Yoolia). They both came and had a great time. Kevin and I will meet again with her for dinner on Saturday. Kevin says he will share the Gospel with her again. Pray that this would be the time she decides to accept God's free gift of grace.

Game Night with CRU

Game Night with CRU

There were approximately 200 students set up in groups of 10. From the stage, we are instructed to play silly games with those in our group. When Xhulia and Julia joined Kevin's group, Jonita, a godly, young Christian, recognized Xhulia from her home town. They hugged and kissed, not knowing that the other had been living in Tirana. Now, even though Kevin will continue spurring Xhulia on, he knows that Jonita will be very intentional about encouraging her toward the Lord. What a mighty God we serve!

I can't leave game night without including Preston's AMAZING dance moves. We were told to write on a piece of paper something silly that we wanted the person to the right of us to do. Preston wrote that he wanted the girl on his right to do an traditional Albanian dance. Well, the twist was that we each had to do what was written on our own piece of paper.

Second place prize... Preston and Bob!

Second place prize... Preston and Bob!

6. Preston and Bob also had the privilege of being the second place prize to a soccer contest. The winners of the tournament got $200, while second place got to go to dinner with Americans. I'm pretty sure these young Muslims didn't expect that there's was an eternal prize, as the Gospel message was included in their winnings!

7. Kevin and I spent the night getting to know a precious girl named Orlanda (Orli), who I'm sure we will be friends with forevermore. Then, today, we took two young Psychology students to lunch, where I was able to share the difference between secular and Biblical counseling. Rea and Bora were so excited at the prospect of using God's Word as their primary source of counseling and have the desire to share these principles with the students in their university. How cool is that?

The Cru ladies listening intently

The Cru ladies listening intently

I also had the great privilege on Monday of teaching the women on the Cru staff about how to keep Christ in the center of our lives throughout all the seasons of life.

More coffee... More talking

More coffee... More talking

Kevin and I also shared the Gospel with a young man named Egert at Cru's day at the park. He has heard the message before but is not ready to make a decision. Kevin finished the conversation with Pascal's Wager, which seemed to make him think, and exchanged Facebook addresses. We will follow up with him as he allows. 

Okay... I'm totally out of breath, and I'm sure you've long been out of coffee. So I will end by asking you to pray for all the relationships above and continued opportunities to form new relationships. Also pray that the seeds that have been planted will bear fruit in the coming days, months, and years. Pray against the influence of the ever-increasing Muslim presence. We were told that some women are even paid to wear scarves on their heads to make being Muslim seem more acceptable. Pray for Kevin as he continues to juggle a very busy and ever-changing schedule. Lastly, pray for Emily's voice. The consequences of being a rock star includes a lot of talking, and her voice seems to have had enough.

We love and appreciate each one of you and look forward to being back with you in a few, short days.

Bekime (Blessings) from the ALBANIAN TEAM!