West Africa

West Africa: Remember the Sabbath

This was our final day and one we will always remember with our fellow Christians. There is no better way to begin one’s day than with praising God through song!  Our friends know how to do that! 

Ministering to the children was so joyful.  We were blessed by their enthusiasm, respectfulness, and receptiveness to the message.   Three hundred children came to church, and we were thrilled when eight accepted Christ today.  To God be the glory for that!

We will miss our new friends in West Africa but will always remember their gracious hospitality.  We pray that the ideas that we shared with them will be useful in their children’s ministry.  We believe that many teachers now realize that young children can learn the word of God.  

Please pray for our safe travel home and that our efforts will be multiplied for the Kingdom!! 



West Africa:Trinity Baptist Church

Our prayer:

Father God , we just want to thank you for the men and women who have planned for us, prepared our food, made sure we had water, and much much more.  Please multiply back all the time they spent caring for us and their time away from their families.  Multiply that back to them Lord. Father, we thank you for the Sunday School teachers and pastors who have such a heart  for impacting the children so that they would know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives,.  

And Father for today, we pray for Trinity Baptist Church.  We thank you for their vision and their partnership with Compassion International that is impacting over 200 children in the surrounding  area,  We thank you for their pastor and ask that you strengthen him. He is you hands, feet, eyes, ears and mouth to that congregation.  We thank you for their beautiful unfinished building, and the big vision they have for you.  We pray that you would raise up the members of that congregation that they would give of their time, talent, and resources so that it could serve 1,000 children.  We have truly been blessed, and we give you all the glory, We know that You hold all of this in your hands and will use these wonderful people to grow your Kingdom.  It’s in your powerful name we pray, Amen


West Africa:Fun day with Children.

After our work with pastors and teachers, it was an equally rewarding time to have the children from the church school join us in a morning of Teeny Tykes and Tunes, We pray that even the youngest ones know that God loves them! 

The afternoon was a long journey to our next location where the God adventure continues.  We are thankful for our safe journey and all the beautiful cultural experiences along the way.  

The participants today (Friday) were pastors and teachers in our new city.  They had many questions about how to engage the young children and especially those with disabilities,  Many seemed encouraged with what they learned and are eager to implement the techniques.  Our prayer is that each one will recognize that children from toddlers to teens can be taught that Jesus loves them! 

Our team is thankful that we can GO and we appreciate your prayers!


West Africa: Day 2

It was an exciting day at Trinity Baptist Church as we welcomed pastors and Sunday School teachers. Many came to hear how to minister to young children. We pray that they were convicted to recognize that children are ready to learn about Jesus and His love for us. We give thanks to those who came and for their interest and commitment to the children. Our team is healthy and we praise God for that,  

Our Pastor presented Matthew 9:37: “ The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.”Let us all pray for more workers for God’s Kingdom.  

We look forward to a children’s festival tomorrow,.  Check in for more updates and thank you for praying for us! 



West Africa: Land of Hospitality

Our workshop ended today with good reviews from our students.  It was our plan to be in sync with God's plan for our time here. He brought us the perfect students who were so interested in learning new ways to capture their children's interest. Our focus was on planning interesting lessons; engaging students through music and movement; giving a variety of ways to address children's learning styles; ways to memorize scripture.  Teachers especially enjoyed making instruments for their students. 

As we say good bye to our new friends, we thank them for their kindness and hospitality. We pray that all they learned will be applicable to their work with children and that our efforts will be multiplied through them. The Sunday School teachers have an important job of training the children in God's ways.  We are thankful for their dedication to doing that. 

West Africa: The Journey Continues

Our days have been filled with activity. We are here to educate Sunday School teachers and have found them to be very eager to learn new techniques.   They have encouraged us with their devotion to the children and most of all to the Lord. Even though our task is to train the teachers, our mission is really to encourage them and share the hope we have in Christ Jesus. The battle here is a tough one.  Our prayers are for God's protection and that the work of the church will be multiplied as it stands firm and remains faithful. 

We were blessed on Sunday to work in the Sunday School classes in four different churches in the area. It is obvious from the children's expressions that they loved learning about Jesus through music and movement. Teeny Tykes and Tunes was a hit!  Equally as exciting was the fun fest held in the afternoon filled with songs, crafts, stories, and laughter.  

We have been well cared for and appreciated by the people here and are so thankful to our church for providing this opportunity to partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world. Praise God for His protection and going before us to prepare the way. We pray that He is pleased, and that we have brought glory and honor to Him. 

This picture is so cute , I decided to put it twice. 😉 

This picture is so cute , I decided to put it twice. 😉 

West Africa: Workshop for Teachers

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Four churches sent representatives to a training for their Sunday School teachers. The day began with amazing praise and worship led by the team  from the host church. We were so honored to have about 450 teachers participate. Our team was welcomed with such kindness and respect. The participants really enjoyed learning how to make their teaching more interesting and everlasting through music and approaches that supported various learning styles. 


Below is our team pictured with our local hosts and other partners from East Africa. It is a blessing to be a part of a mission that places great value on the education of the children. Please pray for wisdom as we follow the Lord's leading.  We are thankful for safe travel for all.