JF Global - Mission Team Proposal

JF Global - Mission Team Proposal

Mission Team Leader Competencies

Gospel- Leader is driven by a desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. Leader emphasizes the importance of proclaiming the gospel in culturally relevant ways, asking for a response, and serving gospel-centered missionaries.

Shepherd- Leader makes discipleship of the team a priority through building team unity, creating opportunities to foster team members spiritual growth, and executing a prayer strategy.

Organization- Leader has ability to organize the various logistial aspects of the trip. Leader delegates tasks to team members when appropriate.

Fiscal- Leader is responsible with money and is a wise steward of funds entrusted by the church.

Feedback- Leader is willing and able to correct team members in a spirit of grace and truth when needed. Leader is open to receiving developmental feedback from Global Ministries Staff or team members if needed.

I affirm that these competencies are an expectation of my team leader role.