Welcome back from your trip!

We hope you had an amazing experience on your trip and that you saw God move both in and through you. We want to hear your stories, see your pictures and give you further information about how you can continue to live on mission.  

Your feedback is very important to us. Please take our trip survey to help make future trips even more successful. If you have further information that you would like to provide about your trip that is not asked in the evaluation, please email globaltrips@jfbc.org

Pictures help us tell the story.

We want to hear all about it.

We want your top 10-20 top ministry pictures . Submit your pictures through wetransfer or dropbox to globaltrips@jfbc.org.

We are always looking for stories to share on the mission trip blog. The blog is a great way for others to learn about your trip and can encourage future participation.


next steps 

If this trip has fired you up about a specific area of missions, we have some books you may want to read.

Interested in going on another trip? The trip list has the most updated information about upcoming trips.

MOVE Week is our annual missions emphasis. Learn more about the week and MOVE missions offering.